V.A. - Neurotic Reactions MP3/Flac

altWhen you read something like "20 Worldwide Mod Psych Freak Rock Smashers!" on the cover, you might think you've just found your favorite record for the coming weeks. But do you actually get that? Let's see. "20": 1, 2, 3…20 tracks-that one was easy. "Worldwide": though Asia, Africa and Antarctica are missing, you do get artists from eight different countries spread on three continents. Close enough. "Mod": this is a tough one, as there are almost as many definitions for that word as there are for "Punk." As far as I'm concerned, the Mod era ran from the early to mid Sixties, while most of the tracks here are of a later vintage, some from as late as '72. Nevertheless, as half of the cuts have a Euro blue-eyed soul thing going on ala los Bravos, like Paul King's "Confusion," I'm sure that'll be enough for some. "Psych": this comp indeed has a psychedelic exploitation vibe, though only five songs are truly psychedelic (including the superb "Exister" by Serge Franklin). "Freak": anybody doing such music was a freak to the squares back then, so why not-but don't expect much Freak of the Beat kind. "Rock": well, whatever… "Smashers!": now we're talking quality, and I've got to say that there are not 20 of that type here. Though none of the cuts are bad, this is the sort of collection that delivers more good than great, and therefore should mainly be recommended to people who really love late Sixties music of all kinds and buy too many discs (meaning, more than a few readers of this magazine, so there you go). And though they're not all "Smashers," they're all "Groovers." Actually, I'm surprised they didn't add "Fuzz" in the cover blurb, as there's plenty of that here (dig Pintura Fresca's bongo-supplemented cover of Shadows of Knight's "Shake"), and that word certainly sells. Some fine-to-great music, mostly unreissued, with a good sound quality, I'd say it's a fair deal for those who can enjoy "20 Multi-Continental Blue-Eyed-Soul Fuzz Bubblegum Pop Groovers!" (I know it sounds just as silly.)
(review by Laurent Bigot, "Ugly Things Magazine")

If you wanna know on what some of the little Mods of TODAY are jerking to then this release (Crazy Apple Boutique CRAP 1010 / 2006) could be a good introduction. For further investigation you may follow the "Rob-Bailey-Le-Beat-BespokГ©"-hype or listen to the "Some Songs Stuck In My Mind" compilation (the follow-up to "Neurotic Reactions" but a good deal worse). All in all not really my cup of tea.

1. Garden Odyssy Enterprise - Sad And Lonely
2. Paul King - Confussion
3. Dukes - I'm An Unskilled Worker
4. Los Roberts - El Saltamontes
5. La Quinta Faccia - Strano Uomo
6. Ray Sharp & The Soul Set - Earthquake
7. Carlos Bisso & Conexion No. 5 - Nena, Te Quiero Tanto (Baby I Love You So)
8. Procro Magnum - Neurotic Saga
9. Pintura Fresca - Shake
10. Rogers - Non Chiedero Aiuto
11. Les Problemes - Je Ne Vois Rien
12. Fire And Ice - The Truth Of The Madder
13. Pinkerton's - Duke's Jetty
14. Levy & Finklestein - Never My Time
15. Hamilton Streetcar - Brother Speed
16. Boneshaker - Sweetness
17. Primitive Man - Animal Love
18. Windows - Nobody's Baby
19. Terry Britten - Bargain Day
20. Serge Franklin - Exister

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