Fallouts (1966-67) MP3/Flac

altBeatgroup The Fallouts started out in 1963 as The Torpedos. In 1965 the band had a residency in the local Café Royal in their hometown Valkenswaard. After succeeding in winning the pre-selection for a big musical contest, the Fallouts had to compete with 50 other bands for �The Golden Micro� in Brussels (Belgium). They made it to the final and won a prize and a recording contract. The audience went wild during their performance and forced the jury to let the band play for another fifteen minutes. Being able to write their own songs, the Fallouts released two exceptional good singles of which two titles were in English and the other two in the Dutch language. Both records are very much in demand, but mainly by international record collector’s.
(taken from the "DHP"-site)

This E.P. (Op Art 020 / 2000) comprises their two singles from 1966 and 1967. "De Vlieg" is pretty demented, not unlike "The Spider And The Fly" by The Monocles but more tuneful. "Hartstikke Dood" has some surf-beat vibes while "I'm Sick Of Living" and "I've Been Waiting" are two spotless beat efforts.

De Vlieg/Hartstikke Dood (Funckler Artone DF 45233) 1966
I'm Sick Of Living/I've Been Waiting (Funckler Artone HB 25.532) 1967

Band members: Will Theus (lead gtr), Frans van Daal (vcls), Henk Jacobs (rhythm gtr), Ad van Daal (bs), Jan van Roy (keyb'ds), Jan Theus (drms).

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