That Old Beat-Up Guitar MP3/Flac


There is a good argument to be made that this was the first commercial release for what was labeled the Outlaw Movement. jery Jeff had been a folkie hanging out in the folk clubs in NYC throughout most of the sixties and had released albums on Vanguard and Atco penning the classic Mr. BoJangles which while not a hit for him put The Band on top of the charts in 71. Jerry Jeff who was a native of upstate New York moved to the Austin Texas area and started a love affair that has lasted ever since with Texas. Walker along with Townes Van Zant, Guy Clark, Willie and Waylon and the Boys took thier new progressive type of Country music to the top of the charts throughout the later seventies and early eighties. Jerry Jeff while racking up gold albums on the wall never seen the success of willie and Waylon but, he remains a strong draw to this day in the south and plays concerts and festivals at his choosing.

1. Hill Country Rain
2. Charlie Dunn
3. That Old Time Feeling
4. Her Good Lovin' Grace
5. Hairy Ass Hillbillies
6. David and Me
7. L.A. Freeway
8. Curly and Lil
9. That Old Beat-Up Guitar
10. When I Had You
11. Moon Child
12. Continuing Saga of the Classic Bummer