Jimmy Page - THE EARLY YEARS (1992) MP3/Flac

Before he became a guitar-rock god in the Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page spent the early '60s as a session musician. A fascinating resume of a master's beginnings, Jimmy's Back Pages...
The Early Years is a collection of obscure British rock singles peppered with Page's characteristic riffing. Some of the guitar playing, however, is too generic or incidental to be of consequence.(Sony Music)

02.So Come On
04.Baby I Go For You
05.Little Baby
06.Gotta Make The Future Bright
07.The "In Crown"
08.A Certain Girl
09.Leave Me Kitten Alone
10.Please Believe Me
12.How do You Feel
13.You Said
14.She Was Tall
15.Well Sing The Sunshine
16.See You Later Alligator
18.Without You
19.Clinbing Through
20.I'm Not Saying
21.The Last Mile
22.Sunshine Superman