Not To Reason Why-Would You Hug Fire 2010-RTB MP3/Flac

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Would You Hug Fire is the second studio album release from the North Bay quartet Not to Reason Why. An incredibly ambitious endeavor from a group with a rather pretentious sounding name that has the audacity to play in a genre titled post-rock. While it is true that most bands operating in this genre really do believe they have moved beyond the bounds of this aged and inferior genre, this album, however, seems to seek the original embrace of that music that drives our parents crazy. Granted there are moments, for instance on their epic Aurora , where the group indulges in that deliciously lush instrumental texturing that draws the inevitable comparison to bands like Explosions in the Sky. The majority of the music, however, makes you consider that it s just kick ass rock and roll.

Track List:

1. Forever

2. Bodes

3. Monsieur

4. Zeitgeist

5. Aurora

6. Give

7. Her

8. Ancients

Release Name: Not_To_Reason_Why-Would_You_Hug_Fire-2010-RTB

Genre: Instrumental Rock

Label: 1912 Records

Quality: 202kbps avg

Size: 79.82MB

Rls Date: 2010-01-14

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