Nahuel Schajris - Oneness Blessing MP3/Flac

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Nahuel Schajris - Oneness Blessing (2009)

1 CD | EAC Rip | FLAC (image .cue), log-file | 146 MB

Front Cover | NewAge/Mantras| Cosmic music


1. Oneness Blessing 20:18

2. Oneness Blessing Instrumental 7:54

Chant and Piano. As we enter the last moments of The Kali Yuga, the final drama of chaos and suffering flickering before our eyes, we need the sounds of heaven to pull us through the veils of Maya and the pain of Samsara. The Oneness Blessing, a divine meditation of piano and voice is like a beacon shining out to us, gently reminding us of our true destiny, calling us home. It features the lovely vocals of Sudah and Latin Grammy winner, Nahuel Schajris. Schajris plays piano and also composed the lilting and entrancing melody that carries the chant across the great divide of separation and straight into the heart.