Lazarus - Lazarus 1970 MP3/Flac

Lazarus - Lazarus 1970

01.You've Got To Get Ahead (Raymond Cichon - Tony Bertollotti) 3:00
02.Faces of Tomorrow (Raymond Cichon) 3:15
03.Desire (Raymond Cichon) 2:20
04.Once Again (Thomas Bombaci - Ronald Stablini) 3:15
05.Stay with Me (Steve McNicol) 2:50
06.Back In the City (Raymond Cichon) 2:05
07.Shades of Winter (Raymond Cichon) 2:35
08.I'll Get To You (Raymond Cichon) 3:05
09.In the Beginning (Raymond Cichon) 2:55
10.Message To the People (Raymond Cichon) 3:50
11.Molly (Raymond Cichon) 2:55

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