Blue Stone - Messages (2009) MP3/Flac

Blue Stone - Messages (2009)

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Release Name: Blue Stone - Messages - 2009

Genre: Electronic

Label: Neurodisc

Quality: VBRkbps /44,1/Joint-Stereo

Size: 106.09MB

Rls Date: 2010-01-22

Store Date: 2009-07-28

Track Lists:

01. Midnight Tides (Ft Sara Bloomfield)

02. Open Your Eyes (Ft Sheyenne Rivers)

03. Deja Vu (Ft Sara Bloomfield)

04. Hang on (Ft Bridin Brennan-Karen Ham

05. Wait for the Sun (Ft Sheyenne Rivers)

06. Open Sky (Ft Samantha Sandlin)

07. Lotus Bloom (Ft Sara Bloomfield)

08. Come Alive (Ft Sheyenne Rivers)

09. Moving Forward (Ft Samantha Sandlin)

10. Ancient Echoes (Ft Sara Bloomfield)

11. Set Me in the Sun (Ft Sara Day Evans)

12. Bridges (Ft Sara Bloomfield)

13. The Silence (Ft Samantha Sandlin)

14. Hypnotized (Ft Sara Bloomfield)

15. Messages (Ft Sara Bloomfield)