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VA - Sam Disco Classics

Sam Records has assembled here a collection of dance music from the late 70's and early 80's that contains less filler than most compilations. The selections range from two poppish Gary's Gang grooves, a pair of John Davis and the Monster Orchestra tracks (the emotive Ain't That Enough and the funky I Can't Stop, (sampled memorably on Vanessa William's Running Back To You), and KID's great You Don't Like My Music.

01 Let's Lovedance Tonight - Gary's Gang
02 You Don't Like My Music - Kid
03 I Can't Stop - John Davis And The Monster Orchestra
04 Let's Do It - Convertion
05 Ain't That Enough For You - John Davis And The Monster Orchestra
06 Keep On Dancin' - Gary's Gang
07 This Beat Is Mine - Vick D
08 Don't Let Go Of Me - Mike & Brenda Sutton
09 Just How Sweet Is Your Love - Rhyze

Sam Disco Classics disc 1

01 Bourgie, Bourgie - John Davis & The Monster Orchestra
02 You Can't Stop - David McPherson
03 Feel Alright - Komiko
04 Take It To The Top - K.I.D.
05 Love Magic - John Davis & The Monster Orchestra
06 Love Either Goes Or Grows - Scandal
07 Do Your Dance - Rhyze
08 Hold On - Kreamsicle
09 We'll Make It - Mike & Brenda

Sam Disco Classics disc 2