Sandra Feva - 1981 - savoir faire MP3/Flac

Sandra Feva - 1981 - savoir faire

Savoir Faire Plus
UK Shout! CD, 2009
The original release on Venture, 1981
1) Tell 'Em That I Heard It 2) Butterfly [Bonus track] 3) Leaving This Time 4) Living With Someone 5) Fade Away 6) Let The Roses Die 7) Who's Making Love 8) Here, Now 9) Betcha 10) You Won My Heart 11) Just To Be Close To You 12) Choking Kind [Bonus track] 13) If You Want It You Got It [Bonus track] 14) Expressway To Your Heart [Bonus track] 15) Love To Be Your Woman [Bonus track]

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