M'Boom Re:Percussion (Strata East 1973) MP3/Flac

M'Boom Re:Percussion (Strata East 1973)

Side A

1 - Morning, Noon, Midday (5:44)
Omar Clay, Warren Smith
solos: (On Midday) Joe Chambers, marimba, Warren Smith, Marimba.

2- Attention-Call & Response (0:47)
Richard "Pablo" Landrum

3-Jihad Es Mort (8:15)
Joe Chambers
solos: Max Roach, Drums,Roy Brooks;Warren Smith, Xylophone

Side B

1- Elements Of A Storm/Thunder & Wind (2:00)
Warren Smith

2-Inner Passion (4:04)
Freddie Waits
solo: Freddie Waits, Indian Flute

3- Heaven Sent (5:08)
Roy Brooks
solos:Roy Brooks, Bowed Cymbals, Omar Clay, Saw;Joe Chambers, Xylophone
Max Roach, Tympani

4- Onamotapoeia (6:38)
Omar Clay

solos: Roy Brooks, Saw, Max Roach, Xylophone, Warren Smith, Tympani

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