I'm A Fool MP3/Flac

Do You remember Judy Lynn? Judy was a part of the west coast country sound that emerged in the late fifties and early sixties. Judy was from Boise Idaho and was the America's champion girl yodeler in 1954, Miss Idaho in 1955, and gave Miss America a run for the money that year. Judy's big break into the country music world came when Jean Shepard became ill during one of the Grand Ol' Opry road shows and was given the opportunity to fill in for the ailing Shepard. Judy was part of the Pappy Daily stable of stars which included at the time George Jones, Melba Montgomery, Sonny Burns, and for a brief time Tommy Cash. She recorded albums for United Artists, Musicor, Camaret and Columbia. Judy had a few chart records such as Honey Stuff and I Lost My Wings Last Night. Judy in the mid to late 60's was the country music act on the Vegas Strip playing Cesaer's Palace, the Golden Nugget and The Horseshoe. Judy was famous for wearing brightly colored tight fitting leather/vinyl (and filled them well!) western outfits and had a good stage/show presence. Judy was a perfect fit for the Vegas crowd of the sixties her pop singing Country sound was pleasing to the jetsetting crowd and wanta be's of the day. This is a compilation of Judy's single releases during her tour with United Artists. Most of Judy's recordings were recorded at local studios in Las Vegas using the performers who were on stage performing with her or with other acts.

Footsteps Of A Fool
The Calm Before The Storm
How Lonely Is Lonesome
My Tears Are On The Roses
Guitar Yodel Polka
Hello Operator
My Secret
There's A Rainbow in Every Teardrop
I'm A Fool
My Coloring Book