[UG] Drake - Welcome 2 The Future (Bootleg) (2009) MP3/Flac

[UG] Drake - Welcome 2 The Future (Bootleg) (2009)

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Artist: Drake

Genre: Hip-Hop

Size: 89.4 MB


01 I Want This Forever feat Lil Wayne, Eminem & Kanye West (Official Remix)

02 Get Off That feat Jay-Z (produced by Timberland)

03 I Got Money feat Lil Wayne

04 Throw It In The Bag feat Fabolous (Official Remix)

05 This Is What I Do feat Belly

06 The Juiceman

07 We Good (Overdose)

08 Right Now (Goodnight)

09 Incarcerated

10 Freestyle

11 I Can Take Your Girl feat Lil Wayne & Nutt Da Kidd

12 Brand New feat Lil Wayne

13 Congrats feat Lil Wayne

14 Slow It Down

15 Girl Let Me

16 The Best I Ever Had feat Swizz Beatz (Ted Smootth Remix)

17 You Don?t Know Me feat 9th Wonder

18 Amazing Love feat Lil Wayne (Rebirth Remix)

19 Digital Girl Pt 2 feat Jamie Foxx & Kanye West

20 I?m Goin In Pt 2 feat Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy

21 I?m The Winner

22 I Gets Crazy feat Nicki Minaj (Bonus)

23 Freestyle (Lil Wayne) (Classic)