JOHNNY PRESTON - Charming Billy: The Stereo Recordings MP3/Flac

alt1. Charming Billy
2. Feel So Good
3. Leave My Kitten Alone
4. Angels Gave You to Me, The
5. That's All I Want
6. Just Little Boy Blue
7. Hearts of Stone
8. Chosen few
9. Chief heartbreak
10.The twist
11.Up in the air
12.Four letter word
13.Do what you did
14.Over and over
15.Sitting here cryin'
16.Rock and roll guitar
18.I feel good
19.Let them talk
20.Lucky in love
21.I played around with my love
22.A new baby for chrismas
23.She once belonged to me
24.I'm startin' to go steady
25.Madre de Dios ( mother ofGod)
27.What am i living for
28.Please believe me
29.My imagination

Nearly a decade after releasing its first Johnny Preston anthology, Running Bear, Bear Family compiled a companion volume, Charming Billy, to reissue Preston's stereo recordings. Charming Billy not only offers stereo versions of many songs that appear on Running Bear, but a number of unique recordings as well. The newly reissued songs include several covers of R&B songs, which is the style Preston personally identified with even though his producers pushed him toward a novelty-oriented rockabilly style. The arrangements and performances on these cuts are little different from his other pop-rockabilly crossover recordings, though. Bear Family usually releases complete recordings packages, but their two Preston collections, even in combination, fail to account for all of his hits, let alone all of his Mercury sides and unreleased recordings. Those interested in having all of Preston's chart hits in one place will find them on the two-disc anthology Feel So Fine: The Mercury Recordings 1959-1962, which contains all of Preston's commercially released Mercury cuts. ~ Greg Adams

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