Turbulence (Lalo Schifrin Orchestra) - Night Flight MP3/Flac

Turbulence (Lalo Schifrin Orchestra) - Night Flight

Lalo Schifrin did no more than produce this all-disco date (probably in or around 1979) but did none of the composing, arranging, conducting or even any of the playing he's often alleged to do here. Still, it's pretty good for disco, if that's your bag. The titles favor a flying theme Turbulence, which was the name of the original album, Supersonic, and Ticket to Tomorrow and the vocalists 'ooh' and 'ahh' throughout as if it was the greatest sexual thrill ride imaginable. Honestly, though, it stands strong among most European disco of the era.

01 Turbulence
02 Jet Frenzy
03 Supersonic (aka Supersonic Love)
04 Ticket To Tomorrow
05 Night Flight
06 High In The Clouds

Night Flight - Turbulence (Lalo Schifrin Orchestra) ca 1979

Paris: c. 1979, unknown orchestra inc. Kim Richmond (woodwinds, arr), P.J. Ross (vcl) and others.