The Determinations - One Step At A Time (1976) MP3/Flac

The Determinations - One Step At A Time (1976)

01. save the best for me.mp3 16-Jan-2010 18:51 6.1M
02. one step at a time.mp3 16-Jan-2010 18:07 5.5M
03. who broke the bottle.mp3 16-Jan-2010 18:19 6.8M
04. that ain't the way (to love me).mp3 16-Jan-2010 18:13 5.0M
05. life is what you make it.mp3 16-Jan-2010 18:23 4.3M
06. tell it like it is.mp3 16-Jan-2010 18:28 4.5M
07. but not for me.mp3 16-Jan-2010 18:34 4.6M
08. come and get these memories.mp3 16-Jan-2010 18:40 3.8M
front.jpg 16-Jan-2010 18:40 18K

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