The Stylistics - special style (1985) - CD Reissue MP3/Flac

The Stylistics - special style (1985) - CD Reissue

A whole new sound for The Stylistics -- one that has the group working here with Maurice Starr in a sweet 80s street soul style! The approach is a surprisingly good one -- and given that Starr's backings are always on the lighter side of the spectrum, the group's trademark harmonies are never dominated too much by the beats and the basslines! In a way, hearing Starr work with The Stylistics here, we can almost hear the link he made between older group soul modes and some of the younger acts he pushed to fame in the 80s -- but that's not to say that this set is a pop record at all -- because The Stylistics keep things real throughout with a great old school approach to their vocals. Titles include "Love Is Serious", "Special", "Let's Go Rockin", "O Sha Ma", "Sad Girl", and "Only From The Heart".

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