Here I Am Drunk Again MP3/Flac

Decca DL-74604 from 1965 was one of Webb's stronger showings for the sixties. He would still have chart records but Memory # 1 was his last top five hit until his reworking of Little Rosa a few years later. Webb was one of the standard bearer's for the fifties having more consecutive top selling hits in a row than anybody. Remember I said consecutive not total, and given he was up against Hank & Lefty that was quite a feat. Webb's voice is in good form and you could probably still drink Schlitz to this album wishing you could still look good in a flat top.

That's Where My Money Goes (26)
Leavin' On Your Mind
Wasting A Lifetime (25)
Invisible Tears
French Riviera
Love Come To Me
Broken Engagement
Here I Am Drunk Again
Without You By My Side
I'm Gonna Hang One On Tonight
As Long As I'll Forgive
Memory No 1 (2)