The Dark Years Ahead MP3/Flac


Pat made note of the few pops and clicks on this record after he recorded it. My reply was that I had never seen a copy of this that was not scratched either.

I wish I knew more about Luke. I have a 45 of Derby, and one on Starday but that is it except for this MVM Lp and the one posted earlier which had Jimmy Dean on one side and some of these tunes by Luke on the other. I thinj Luke was with WWVA but I may be confusing him with Wade Holmes. Any bio or information would be appreciated!

01 - When You Cross Your Heart
02 - Why Do You Treat Me This Way
03 - Christmas In Tennessee
04 - Pastures Green
05 - The Dark Years Ahead
06 - Goin' Down The Road
07 - Changing Company
08 - Racetrack Blues
09 - Fool That I Am
10 - Lonely Heartache


Posted By Pat