DJITALO - Italomix 2010 (The New Beginning) MP3/Flac

DJITALO - Italomix 2010 (The New Beginning) Italomix 2010 (The New Beginning)
Exclusive Odimusic
Style:Italo Disco
Size:423 Mb
Time:184:49 Mins
Cover Pic: MaXX


1-Savage - A Love Again (Remix)
2-Fred Ventura - I Want you Back
3-Peter Arcade - Fairytale
4-Dyva - On Fire (Caldo Mix)
5-Mode One - In the heat of the Night
6-The Kitch Club - Can't Stop saying I love You
7-Savage - Don't Cry Tonight
8-Amy & Alba - Look Into My Eyes
9-Savage - Radio
10-Gaz Nevada - I.C. Love Affair
11-Savage - Twothousandnine
12-Dr. Morbius - Sad Girl
13-Savage - Only you
14-Bruno Mosti - Music of My star
15-Riccardo Campa - Another Day
16-Bruno Mosti - Zero Gravity
17-Asami Kobayashi - I Like Chopin (Japanese Ver.)
18-Squash Gang - Look Into My Eyes
19-Peter Arcade - Into Marta's Eyes
20-E.B.87 - Song Of Love
21-Marc Fruttero - If You're Feeling Blue
22-Dyva - Memories
23-Andy Romano - Robot Matador
24-Sir Valentine - And I Love Her
25-Lazarus - Wait (Remix)
26-Tato - Crazy Boy
27-Closed - Crazy Love
28-Andy Romano - Sayonara Robot
29-Tiziana Rivale - Telephone
30-Peter Arcade - Rainfall Memories
31-D.connection - Easy to Say
32-Loui$ - Summer In The Dark
33-Squash Gang - Tell Me Why
34-Tiziana Rivale - Ash
35-Johnny M5 - Moscow Nights
36-Tiziana Rivale - Flame
37-Buckingham Palace - Give Me Your Name
38-fred Ventura - Open Your Eyes
39-Karl Otto & Joey Mauro - Come Into My Dream
40-Angel - I Love The Night
41-Andy Romano - Stay with Me
42-Cliff Wedge - She's My Queen
43-O'Ryan - Everyday Man
44-Dyva - My Love
45-Andy Romano - Every Time Feel Alright
46-Bando - What Now My Love
47-Gazebo - Ladies (Remix)
48-Klaudia - For Your Love
49-Age - Water Suite
50-Andy Romano - Run To Love
51-Aquarius - Darkness (Remastered Ver.)

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