Changes One-Neckerson MP3/Flac


OK folks there has been a disturbance in the force and some of you have noticed several blogs that have changed and/or deleted posts, have gone private, or their blog has been deleted. I have been asked to pass along their well wishes to the folks who visited and their appreciation for the support that was showed to them.

I have received numerous emails inquiring on how to contact these folks or help in arranging invitations to those that have went private and contact the rest on their behalf. However, at this point I have been asked not to forward these types of emails or to provide any contact information regarding these blogs and I will respect their wishes.

There is no need to comment on this just accept it for what it is and like the rest of us move on. This is not meant to be as cold sounding as it is but this is the hard cold facts of life. I may have the privilege to comment later but for now I do not. Thanks