The Oxford American MP3/Flac


The next time you go to your local bookseller or wherever you buy your reading material, pick up the latest issue of the Oxford American. Mark Smirnoff and company have once again come through with a stellar issue of music, poetry, and southern culture. The two disc CD music project of Southern Music and Arkansas Masters is worth three times the price of the cover. This is the 67th issue of the magazine and it just keeps getting better and better.

I was fortunate to have been given the privilege of making a small contribution to this issue and was amazed by the dedication, hard work, and effort that was put forth by Mark and his editors to produce this fine magazine.

I would like to thank Mark, Natalie, and Marion for putting up with me through the process of the publication of this issue. I was pretty much consumed with work, the flu, and grumpy would be an understatement! To say the least, I was not on my best game!

Take A Bow Guys!! You Have A Great Magazine!

BTW: Natalie- I am coming to get the records!!

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