The World I Used To Know MP3/Flac


I think this was Walter's Swan Song Lp. It seems to hinge on that ol' man time catching up with me theme. Not much left to hang on to struck a chord with me as I recently drove through what was a sleepy little town of 4500 which has sprawled into a 50,000 plus monster and finally realized how little of the town I remember is left. Songs like this generally do not affect me the way this one did so I will just kindly reflect on it as a moment that life told me it takes me all night long to do what I used to do all night long and try to drive into town in a few minutes without becoming misty eyed over mortality issues. The winner cut has to be "Ruby Don't take your love to town" Walter now has one of the definitive versions in my opinion!

Yesterday When I was Young
Gator Man
Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town
One Man band
Not Much Left To Hang A Memory On
Sub Division Land
Cotton Picker
The World I Used To Know
Rockin Chair trucker
Fate Of Man
This Is The Last Song I am Ever Gonna Sing