As The New Year Approaches MP3/Flac


I have received a few emails that the rumor is the round up is folding its tent after the new year. That is and isn't true. There are going to be changes to both the blog and radio show after the first but nothing is definite yet. The radio show has been on the air for about 24 years and while I am not saying I am tired, I am saying a little change may be necessary and a good thing as well.

The blog will be undergoing modifications after the first of the year with most of everything through June 09 being deleted. Some may be posted again later others will simply be gone. This blog was never meant to be a free music source and to leave everything up forever starts to serve that purpose so it is time to close some projects out.

The 45 of the day project has become a rousing success and I suspect it is going to be playing a larger and more integrated part of the blog in the future but I need to work technical issues out first before an official announcement is made.

Thanks to all the contributors for their efforts! Once again you are a big reason for the success of this blog!

Thanks to all that have commented or stopped by the blog! I hope this has introduced or reacquainted you with some of the lost music of yesteryear!

I wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday Season and the most prosperous of New Years!