Shop Worn MP3/Flac


Mr Meadowlark says:

Just Like Stompin' Tom Connors, the Late Smiley Bates is a Legend in his Native Canada, who has attained something of a cult following elsewhere... He was known as the "King of the Hurtin' Songs" and could also play any instrument with strings on it. Before his untimely death from Cancer in early 1997, he enjoyed a nearly 3 decade recording career, all of it with the same company. This album, 1974's "True Stories from Life's Other Side", happens to be my absolute favorite of all the many albums he recorded through the years.

Red Says:

I discovered Smiley a few years back when a friend shared some Mp3's of Smiley he discovered during the old Napster days. He certainly knows his way around the "Old Sad Stuff". This is a real treat if you are unfamiliar with his work! Thanks Mr. Meadowlark!

01 - Old Doc Brown
02 - The First Mrs Jones
03 - Reveille - Time In Heaven
04 - Shop Worn
05 - I Didn't Jump The Fence
06 - I'll Call You
07 - I'm Doin' This For Daddy
08 - The Eternal Flame
09 - Continious Machine
10 - I Haven't Got The Right