The Prairie Ramblers - Set 2 MP3/Flac

Photobucket Sample Song - "Pool Playin' Papa"

Here is the second of the two postings from the Prairie Ramblers that I will be posting to WS on 78.

Track Listing
1. Old Black Mountain Trail
2. Pool Playin' Papa
3. Raise the Roof In Georgia
4. Red Sails in the Sunset
5. Ridin' Down The Canyon When The Desert Sun Goes Down
6. Rodeo Sweetheart
7. Roll Along Prairie Moon
8. shady grove my darling
9. Shine On, Rocky Mountain Moonlight
10. Sixty-Seven Gals In Savannah
11. Swinging Down The Old Orchard Lane
12. The Lady in Red
13. The Moon Hangs Low
14. The Music Goes 'Round And Around
15. The Waltz Of the Hills
16. Wine, Women And Song
17. Woman's Answer To Nobody's Darling
18. You Look Pretty In An Evening Gown

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