Ross Rhythm Rascals MP3/Flac

Sample Song - "Boojie Woo Blues"

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The Ross Rhythm Rascals were a short lived hot western swing band that recorded 22 songs back in 1937.

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Session info
February 16,1937; Adolphus Hotel, Dallas, Texas.
Ross Aldridge, manager/non-participant; Speck Bradley, clarinet/tenor saxophone; J.R. Chatwell, fiddle; Eugene Edmondson, bass/vocal Horace Edmondson, guitar; probably Warren Harrison, fiddle; Jack Hinson, piano; Wimpy Hutson, tenor banjo; Curly Perrin, guitar/vocal; Pat Perrin, harmony vocal

December 4,1937; Adolphus Hotel, Dallas, Texas.
Ross Atiridge, manager/non-participant; Leon Adams, tenor saxophone; Clarence Clark, trumpet/vocal; Eugene Edmondson, tenor banjo/vocal, Horace Edmondson, guitar/vocal; Jack Hinson, piano; Lonnie Mitchell, bass; George Uttinger, fiddle; possibly Joe Mendez,

Track Listing
1. Boojie Woo Blues (Ross Rhythm Rascals) (3:02)
2. Business In F (Ross Rhythm Rascals) (2:52)
3. I'M HAPPY WHEN YOU'RE HAPPY (Ross Rhythm Rascals) (2:49)
4. Indiana (Ross Rhythm Rascals) (2:50)
5. Lonely Heart Of Mine (Ross Rhythm Rascals) (3:03)
6. Over Somebody Else's Shoulder (Ross Rhythm Rascals) (2:46)
7. Please Don't Talk About Me When i'm Gone (Ross Rhythm Rascals) (2:56)
8. She's Doggin' Me (Ross Rhythm Rascals) (3:09)
9. There Ain't Gonna Be No Me To Welcome You (Ross Rhythm Rascals) (3:03)
10. Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues (Ross Rhythm Rascals) (2:53)

Update: I just purchased a new Ross Rhythm Rascals 78 on ebay and I will add it to this post after it's transfered :-)

UPDATE! 6/11/09 Two songs in the original post were mislabeled. "Alabama Jubilee" and "Won't You Come Back To Me" are actually the Rice Brothers Gang. I've fixed the download and removed those 2 songs.

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