Newly Ripped 78s That Were Bought With Donations MP3/Flac

western swing
Harmie Smith & His Southern Swingsters
Sample song - Harmie Smith - Tomorrow Begins Another Year

This posting of 78s was made entirely from 78s bought with the monetary donations made to the Western Swing On 78 blog. Special thanks to:
Jody Gannon
Scott Bookman
Richard Levine
Ryan Jackson
John Bachman
David Burket

Track Listing
1. Beaty Steel Blues (Cecil Cambell's Tennessee Ramblers) (2:40)
2. Cambell's Steel Guitar Special (Cecil Cambell's Tennessee Ramblers) (2:40)
3. Hawaiian Skies (Cecil Cambell's Tennessee Ramblers) (2:52)
4. I Trusted You (Cecil Cambell's Tennessee Ramblers) (2:45)
5. Midnight Boogie (Cecil Cambell's Tennessee Ramblers) (3:12)
6. North Carolina Skies (Cecil Cambell's Tennessee Ramblers) (2:43)
7. I Trusted You Once Too Often (Dick Reinhart and his Universal Cowboys) (2:38)
8. Ruck Truckin' Baby (Dick Reinhart and his Universal Cowboys) (2:30)
9. From Monday On (Dixie Demons) (2:58)
10. Me And My Shadow (Dixie Demons) (3:15)
11. Tomorrow Begins Another Year (Harmie Smith And His Southern Swingsters) (2:36)
12. Back To Old Smokey Mountain (Hugh And Shug's Radio Pals) (2:44)
13. There's a Blue Sky Over Yonder (Hugh And Shug's Radio Pals) (2:39)
14. Goodbye Little Blue Eyes Goodbye (Lew Preston and his Men Of The Range) (2:37)
15. Honey Baby Mine (Lew Preston and his Men Of The Range) (2:48)
16. Beautiful Ohio (Light Crust Doughboys) (2:40)
17. The Hills Of Old Wyomin' (Light Crust Doughboys) (2:44)
18. Let Me Call You Sweetheart (McMichen's Melody Men) (3:01)
19. Sweet Bunch Of Daisies (McMichen's Melody Men) (2:55)
20. You Got That Thing (Rice Brothers' Gang) (2:40)
21. Ramona (Ross Rhythm Rascals) (2:53)
22. That's Why I'm Jealous Of You (Ross Rhythm Rascals) (2:36)
23. Doug Ain't Doin' The Jitterbug (Tennessee Ramblers) (2:33)
24. The Washboard Man (Tennessee Ramblers) (2:54)
25. I'm Blue And Lonesome (The Saddle Tramps) (2:41)
26. I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes (The Saddle Tramps) (2:36)
27. Mama How Can You Be Mean To Me (The Saddle Tramps) (2:33)
28. Mama Mama (The Saddle Tramps) (2:43)
29. I Hope I Never Fall In Love Again (The Texas Wanderers) (2:42)
30. Smile And Drive Your Blues Away (The Texas Wanderers) (2:50)

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