North Carolina Western Swing 1939-50 MP3/Flac

Sample Song - Arthur Guitar Boogie Smith - I'm Afraid Of Wimmin

A Couple months ago I got a request  for any western swing artists from Arkansas. I have still yet to find enough to put together a decent posting. I hope to do a few state spotlights in the future but I will surely need some help compiling the right artists. To the rescue comes WS on 78 contributor Lightnin' Wells with the first of the state from his home state of North Carolina.

Track Listing
 1. Old Missouri Moon (Claude Casey and his Pine State Playboys)

 2. I'm So Lonesome Tonight (Claude Casey and his Pine State Playboys)
 3. Shut That Gate (Dewey Price and his Carolina Hillbillies)
 4. So Worried, So Blue (Dewey Price and his Carolina Hillbillies)
 5. Somewhere A Heart Is Breaking (Fred Kirby of WBT's Briarhoppers)
 6. Hello My Baby (Fred Kirby of WBT's Briarhoppers)
 7. Our Hearts Beat Together (Fred Kirby of WBT's Briarhoppers)
 8. Out Of My Mind (Fred Kirby of WBT's Briarhoppers)
 9. Atomic Power (Fred Kirby of WBT's Briarhoppers)
10. Honey Be My Honeybee (Fred Kirby of WBT's Briarhoppers)
11. Gold On The Rainbow (The Carolina Playboys)
12. Be My Darlin' (The Carolina Playboys)
13. Fort Worth Jail (The Carolina Playboys)
14. Each Minute Seems A Million Years (The Carolina Playboys)
15. So Long To My Little Old Homestead (The Carolina Playboys)
16. I'll Get You Back Somehow (The Carolina Playboys)
17. Don't Cry Over Me When I'm Gone (The Carolina Playboys)
18. It Makes No Nevermind (The Carolina Playboys)
19. Get On The Right Side Of Jesus (Arthur Smith's Krackerjacks)
20. Memories And Dreams (Arthur Smith's Krackerjacks)
21. New York To New Orleans (Arthur Smith's Krackerjacks)
22. Mountain Polka (Arthur Smith's Krackerjacks)
23. I.H. Boogie (Arthur Guitar Boogie Smith)
24. I'm Afraid Of Wimmin (Arthur Guitar Boogie Smith)

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