Elin Ruth Sigvardsson-Cookatoo Friends-2CD-(Limited Pink Edition)-2009 MP3/Flac

Here is limited edition of well known Elin Ruth Sigvardsson, so if you like realy nice pop music, this is a real thing for youВ… Emjoy..

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01.bang 03:06

02.dead man walking 05:41

03.is it over 03:43

04.love (feat. lars eriksson) 03:18

05.f off (guest. ane brun) 03:55

06.wait for me 03:35

07.hymn about a tree 04:22

08.higher /supermom) 05:45

09.dont be suspicious) 03:43

10.your love is loaded 02:41

11.shine a little light 04:19

12.1000 hands 05:13


01.dear i (acoustic) 04:32

02.long cold winter (acoustic) 04:50

03.saviour (acoustic) 03:43

04.paper cup words (acoustic) 04:40

05.where to start (acoustic) 03:56

06.stupid sunday song (acoustic) 03:01

Release name: Elin Ruth Sigvardsson-Cookatoo Friends-2CD-(Limited Pink Edition)-2009-LzY

Genere: Pop

Size: 87.05 MB

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