Max Minelli В– Pre Med 2009 MP3/Flac

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Pre-Pain Medicine music from one of Baton RougeВ’s finest. Happy Perez supplies some fantastic beats here and Max rips the shit out of them. I think I may be looking forward to California DreaminВ’ more than the actual album though.

Label: SLFEMP Goods / Minelli World Records

Genre: Rap

Quality: VBR kbps (179kbps avg)

Time: 0h 46min Total

Size: 60.46MB


01. The Autobiography Of Max Pain (Prod. By Happy Perez)

02. Whateva-Eva (Prod. By Happy Perez)

03. Amped Up (Prod. By Jondo)

04. Aim For Success (Prod. By Happy Perez)

05. Above The Clouds (Ft. Kevin Gates) (Prod. By Guss)

06. Look At My (Prod. By Happy Perez)

07. Big Booty Judy (Prod. By Jondo)

08. Can We Get Down (Prod. By Happy Perez)

09. Worry DonВ’t Pay No Bills (Ft. Keith Jacobs) (Prod. By Jondo)

10. When It Reigns (Prod. By Happy Perez)

11. DonВ’t Worry BoutВ’ Me (Prod. By Happy Perez)

Release name: Max_Minelli-Pre_Med-2009-H3X

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