Skintilla - King of Kings (2009) MP3/Flac

Skintilla-King of Kings-2009-GRAVEWISH


Artist: Skintilla

Album: King of Kings

Year: 2009

Rel. Date: 2009-12-29

Genre: Heavy Metal

Label: Riot! Entertainment

Source: CD

Type: Album

Quality: VBR, 44.1kHz, Joint Stereo

Skintilla are one of Australias premier power

metal bands that delivers ground shaking power

vocals, dual attacking guitars, soaring solos and

a pounding rhythm section, a mix that is

guaranteed to make an assault on your senses.

Their music has been internationally embraced by

both the printed and electronic media, with

positive reviews, and radio airplay throughout

Australia, Europe and North America, culminating

in many best metal song award nominations and

features on high profile metal CD compilations.

Skintilla have performed their bone crushing high

energy live shows alongside many of Australias

major metal acts at various venues and festivals

around the country, with a highlighted performance

along the Legendary WHITESNAKE. 2009 will see the

international release of their new powerhouse

album King Of Kings that will surely set

Skintilla firmly on the worlds metal stage.

Skintilla certainly has the chops, the sound, and

most importantly, the songwriting skills to be a

major player in the metal world. Metal Coven -



1.  Sword for Sword                          4:24

2.  King of Kings                            3:28

3.  Scarlet Eyes                              4:57

4.  No Trespass                              3:43

5.  Fall from Grace                          4:29

6.  DNA                                      3:52

7.  Insomnia                                  3:43

8.  Pole Dancer                              3:17

9.  Witness                                  4:44

10. Dragons Blood                            3:40