[UG] Slaughterhouse - Slaughterhouse (2009) MP3/Flac

[UG] Slaughterhouse - Slaughterhouse (2009)

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In a time where Hip Hop appears to be in a similar recession that our economy is entrenched in, four emcees have banded together to form a Rap supergroup like none other. All four emcees have had their fair share of major label love. All four have also been written off (with the exception of the young Ortiz), after their label mishaps, only to rise like the phoenix and utilize the internet to buld massive cult followings. You probably know them individually, but this is about getting to know Slaughterhouse as a collective. (Amazon.com)

Track List:

01. Sound Off (Produced By STREETRUNNER)

02. Lyrical Murderers Ft. Kay Young (Produced By TheRealFocus)

03. Microphone (Produced By The Alchemist)

04. Not Tonight (Produced By STREETRUNNER)

05. The One Ft. The New Royales (Produced By DJ Khalil)

06. In The Mind Of Madness (Skit)

07. Cuckoo (Produced By DJ Khalil)

08. The Phone Call (Skit)

09. Onslaught 2 Ft. Fatman Scoop (Produced By Emile)

10. The Phone Call 2 (Skit)

11. Salute Ft. Pharoahe Monch (Produced By STREETRUNNER)

12. Pray (It?s A Shame) (Produced By RealSon)

13. Cut You Loose (Produced By Mr. Porter)

14. Rain Drops Ft. Novel (Produced By Filthy Rockwell)

15. Killaz Ft. Melanie Rutherford (Produced By Emile)