[RS] Aerosmith - Pandoras Box (3 CD Set) MP3/Flac

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Artist: Aerosmith

Title Of Album: Aerosmith - Pandora's Box

Year Of Release: March 18, 1997

Label: Sony

Genre: Rock

Quality: WV

Bitrate: lossless image Cue Log

Total Size: 1.47 GB


Disc 1:

01. When I Need You - [Steven Tyler, pre-Aerosmith with the band "Chain Reaction", Recorded Oct.5, 1966]

02. Make It - [from the self-titled album]

03. Movin' Out - [unreleased alternate version from the self-titled album]

04. One Way Street - [from the self-titled album]

05. On The Road Again - [unreleased rehearsal pre-production jam]

06. Mama Kin - [from the self-titled album]

07. Same Old Song And Dance - [from the album "Get Your Wings"]

08. Train Kept A Rollin' - [from the album "Get Your Wings"]

09. Seasons Of Wither - [from the album "Get Your Wings"]

10. Write Me A Letter - [unreleased live version]

11. Dream On - [from the self-titled album]

12. Pandora's Box - [from the album "Get Your Wings"]

13. Rattkesnake Shake - [unreleased live radio broadcast WKRQ, Cincinatti]

14. Walkin' The Dog - [unreleased live radio broadcast WKRQ, Cincinatti]

15. Lord Of The Thighs - ["Texxas Jam" live recording]

Disc 2:

01. Toys In The Attic - [from the album "Toys In The Attic"]

02. Round And Round - [from the album "Toys In The Attic"]

03. Krawhitham - [previously unreleased instrumental]

04. You See Me Crying - [from the album "Toys In The Attic"]

05. Sweet Emotion - [from the album "Toys In The Attic"]

06. No More No More - [from the album "Toys In The Attic"]

07. Walk This Way - [from the album "Toys In The Attic"]

08. I Wanna Know Why - ["Texxas Jam" live recording]

09. Big Ten-Inch Record - ["Texxas Jam" live recording]

10. Rats In The Cellar - [from the album "Rocks"]

11. Last Child - [Remix of the original version from the album "Rocks"]

12. All Your Love - [previously unreleased]

13. Soul Saver - [unreleased rehearsal from the "Rocks" sessions]

14. Nobody's Fault - [from the album "Rocks"]

15. Lick And A Promise - [from the album "Rocks"]

16. Adam's Apple - [unreleased live version, recorded on tour in Indianapolis, IN, 77]

17. Draw The Line - [Remix of the original version from the album "Draw The Line"]

18. Critical Mass - [from the album "Draw The Line"]

Disc 3:

01. Kings And Queens - [unreleased live version. Recorded on tour in Boston, 3/28/78]

02. Milkcow Blues - [from the album "Draw The Line"]

03. I Live In Connecticut - [from the album "Night in the Ruts"]

04. Three Mile Smile - [from the album "Night in the Ruts"]

05. Let It Slide - [previously unreleased rehearsal from the "Night In The Ruts" sessions]

06. Cheese Cake - [from the album "Night in the Ruts"]

07. Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy) - [from the album "Night in the Ruts"]

08. No Surprize - [from the album "Night in the Ruts"]

09. Come Together - [The Beatles cover, from "Greatest Hits" album]

10. Downtown Charlie - [unreleased jam from the "Night In The Ruts" sessions]

11. Sharpshooter - [from the album "Whitford/St.Holmes"]

12. Shit House Shuffle - [previously unreleased rehearsal]

13. South Station Blues - [from the Joe Perry project album "I've Got The Rock N' Rolls Again"]

14. Riff & Roll - [Unreleased jam from the "Rock In A Hard Place" sessions]

15. Jailbait - [from the album "Rock In A Hard Place"]

16. Major Barbara - [previously unreleased alternate version]

17. Chip Away The Stone - [previously unreleased alternate version]

18. Helter Skelter - [unreleased song from the "Toys in The Attic" sessions]

19. Back In The Saddle - [from the album "Rocks"]

20. Circle Jerk - [unlisted track, unreleased instrumental]

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