EBONY RHYTHM BAND - Soul Heart Transplant: THe Lamp Sessions MP3/Flac

alt1. Soul Heart Transplant
2. Light My Fire
3. Ode To Billy Joe
4. Vanilla Fudge
5. Drugs Ain't Cool
6. Get Yourself Together
7. The Thought of Losing Your Love
8. Can I Call You Baby The Pearls
9. It's Too Late For Love
10. Fool Am I The Montiques
11. Light My Fire

Heavy funk from the Indy scene of the late 60s -- the lost album by one of the funkiest combos in the Midwest! Ebony Rhythm Band have an incredible sound that seems to take the heavy bottom of New Orleans Funk and merge it with the trippier elements of Detroit psychedelic soul -- no surprise, considering they hailed from Indianapolis, a point about halfway between the two cities! The tracks on the set have a really great tripped-out groove -- using lots of guitar and organ over heavy rhythms, in a style that's a bit like the Meters at times -- but a lot freer flowing. The album features 2 tracks that formed the basis of one of the group's singles -- plus a lot more that were never issued at the time, including a few by other incarnations of the combo!

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