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Voyage - 12" Collector (the best of)

French disco group formed by Marc Chantereau, Pierre-Alain Dahan, and Slim Pezin, all experienced session musicians, regularly working with the likes of Cerrone and Alec R. Costandinos. Their first self-titled LP, fusing disco with ethnic rhythms, was released April 1977 to minimal attention until suddenly the track From East To West exploded in the charts six months later. Released by Marlin Records in the US, their album shot to the #1 spot on the Billboard Dance Charts, while "From East To West" peaked at #13 in the UK. After another club hit with Lady America, the group's second album Fly Away, released late 1978, yielded two more hits with Souvenirs and Let's Fly Away, both featuring singer Sylvia Mason. In return for the favour, Voyage produced Sylvia's 1979 solo album before returning to studio to record their third album. Voyage 3, released in the spring of 1980, saw the trio take a turn into a more rock-flavoured style. Rather than having a long list of session singers as on their first two albums, they did all the vocals themselves this time. Launched by the single "I Don't Want To Fall In Love Again", the public didn't embrace their new style, and the album flopped badly. Wisely they revised and updated their old sound on 1981's One Step Higher which yielded several singles, including Let's Get Started and Follow The Brightest Star, before the trio went their separate ways.

01 From East to West
02 Souvenirs
03 Point Zero
04 Orient Express
05 Latin Odyssey
06 Lady America
07 Let's Fly Away
08 Tahiti, Tahiti
09 I Love You Dancer
10 I'm Only Human
11 Let's Get Started
12 Follow The Brightest Star
13 Kechak Fantasy

Voyage - The 12" Collector (the best of)