Golden Earring - Collected Flac (rs) MP3/Flac

Golden Earring - Collected Flac (rs)

Genre: Rock
Extensie: Mp3
Bitrate: Flac Kbps
Cover: Front Back Cd,s
Jaar: 2009
Grootte: 1,6 Gb
Aantal CD's: 3
Overige bijzonderheden:Lossless image + CUE Bestand + Log

Golden Earring - Collected  Flac (rs)

Golden Earring - Collected  Flac (rs)

Disc 1

01. Sound Of The Screaming Day
02. Together We Live Together We Love
03. I've Just Lost Somebody
04. Dong-Dong-Di-Ki-Di-Gi-Dong
05. Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart
06. Where Will I Be
07. Another 45 Miles (Single)
08. Back Home
09. Holy Holy Life
10. She Flies On Strange Wings (Long Version)
11. Buddy Joe
12. Stand By Me
13. Radar Love (Single)
14. Instant Poetry
15. (Kill Me) CeSoir
16. Sleepwalkin'
17. Bombay

Disc 2

01. Just Like Vince Taylor (Live)
02. Movin Down Life
03. Weekend Love
04. I Do Rock 'N Roll
05. Long Blond Animal
06. No For An Answer
07. Slow Down
08. Twilight Zone (Album Version)
09. The Devil Made Me Do It
10. When The Lady Smiles
11. Clear Night Moonlight
12. Something Heavy Going On
13. Quiet Eyes
14. Why Do I
15. They Dance
16. My Killer My Shadow
17. Turn The World Around

Disc 3

01. Distant Love
02. Going To The Run
03. Temporary Madness
04. Pouring My Heart Out Again
05. I Can't Sleep Without You) (Live)
06. As Long As The Wind Blows (Live)
07. Hold Me Now
08. Johnny Make Believe
09. This Wheel's On Fire
10. Burning Stuntman (Live 1999)
11. Paradise In Distress (Live 1999)
12. Whisper In A Crowd
13. Miles Away From Nowhere
14. Yes, We're On Fire
15. Albino Moon (Album Version)
16. A Sound I Never Heard (Album Version)
17. Colourblind (Album Version)
18. Angel (Live Recorded At The Panama, Amsterdam Holland)

Golden Earring - Collected  Flac (rs)

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Golden Earring - Collected  Flac (rs)