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Ultimate Italo Dance Classics

Ultimate Italo Dance Classics

Italo Disco HiNrg
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Ultimate Italo Dance Classics

Ultimate Italo Dance Classics
192k - 99 MB

01-Gang48 - No Crime No Crown (3m 18s)
02-Perfect Times - Going Round In Circles (3m 15s)
03-Michael Bedford - More Than a Kiss (3m 47s)
04-Pete Keane - What's The Face Of Love (3m 20s)
05-Joy Peters - One Night In Love (4m 01s)
06-Royales - Secret Angel (3m 42s)
07-Chris - Take Me To The Top (3m 14s)
08-Dr. Roof - Deep In My Heart (3m 51s)
09-Joy Peters - Who Took My Girl (3m 25s)
10-Cliff Turner - Moonlight Affair (3m 21s)
11-Three Stars - Here Comes The Rain (3m 36s)
12-Sam Money - Run Away (3m 07s)
13-Pozzi - Morning Dew (5m 03s)
14-Nukhead - Don't Leave Me Now (3m 17s)
15-Cliff Turner - I Need Your Love (3m 25s)
16-Hard Tell - Tainted (3m 43s)
17-Nyktokio - Luxury (3m 42s)
18-Joy Peters - Don't Ask Me Why (3m 33s)
19-Michael Bedford - Space Boys (3m 37s)
20-Michael Bedford - When Angels Talk (3m 37s)

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The album code is : ODI141958

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