[UG] Big H - Street Crime UK (2009) MP3/Flac

[UG] Big H - Street Crime UK (2009)

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A popular scene group H3X released a new album Street Crime UK from British MC Big H. This is a very anticipated album and it hits the scene few days ahead of the street date. Enjoy some awesome mixtape tunes!

Big H aka ?Big Hater? is a highly favoured grime MC and UK Hip Hop rapper from Edmonton / Tottenham in North London. Big H is most often associated with the grime collective Meridian Crew from back in the day when he made regular appearances on Deja Vu 92.3FM. The former member of Meridian Crew now makes grime & gangster rap with Paper Pablo, Bossman, 9 Milli Major and President T as part of the Bloodline Fam collective.


01. Street And Crime (Prod. By Lane Beats) 1:46

02. Alone (Prod. By Louie White) 2:49

03. No Fear (Prod. By Mr. Unknown) 2:54

04. Hooligan (Prod. By Skepta) 3:16

05. Coke Cola (Brick Layer) (Prod. By X.O) 2:43

06. Life And Death (Ft. Bossman And Skepta) (Prod. By J Beatz) 4:54

07. Nitemare (Prod. By J Beatz) 4:28

08. No ID (Prod. By Rizzle) 3:37

09. Out There (Ft. 9 Milli Major) (Prod. By Cardiac Beats) 2:52

10. White Wash (Prod. By Vybe Beatz) 3:52

11. Assassin (Prod. By J Beatz) 3:06

12. Real On Road (Ft. President T And JME) (Prod. By Rowntree) 2:50

13. New Moves (Prod. By Skepta) 2:48

14. Mainstream (Ft. Paper Pablo) (Prod. By Javan) 3:30

15. Wrap Skills (Prod. By Real Hits) 3:53