[UG] Kurupt And Roscoe - Tha Tekneek Files (2009) MP3/Flac

[UG] Kurupt And Roscoe - Tha Tekneek Files (2009)

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Brothers have a special type of bond. Love or hate, before and after anything, they will be family. In music there are popular acts that have just kept in the family, and the results, such as the Jackson 5 or The Isley Brothers have given the world some pretty powerful music. There is also a chance of failure or disappointment, expecting that the bond is innate to good music.

Kurupt and Roscoe are not only brothers, but also rep two coasts. As most Rap impresarios know, Kurupt has been implanted in the west coast since the ?90s. His brother, Roscoe, still carried overt ties to their native city: Philadelphia. After the Frank & Jess Story less than a year ago, the brothers are back quickly with Tha Tekneek Files. With a talented producer holding the project together, this is the most polished project from the two Philaphornia emcees.


1. Intro

2. Hood In Ya Life

3. Check Check (Feat. Freeway)

4. Im Bout Mine (Feat. Jayo Felony)

5. Walk Away (Remix)

6. Throw Up DPG (Feat. Daz, Tekneek)

7. Do Whut I Do (Remix) (Feat. Tekneek)

8. This Gang (Feat. Bulletz, AK)

9. Tha House (Remix) (Feat. Red Dollaz, Tekneek, Gillie Da Kid)

10. Lookin For Em Now

11. Make It Clear (Feat. Tristar, Sandman)

12. Back In Tha Hood (Feat. Tekneek, AK)

13. Tha Paper

14. Gun 4 Gun (Remix) (Feat. Killah Preist, Nas)