THE DREAM ACADEMY - Self-Titled MP3/Flac


Dream Academy was the self-titled debut release for the art-school trio led by lead singer/guitarist Nick Laird-Clowes. Produced by David Gilmour and Laird-Clowes, the group was rounded out by vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Kate St. John and keyboard player Gilbert Gabriel, and they struck the first time out with the album's standout track "Life in a Northern Town," which became a Top Ten smash in the spring of 1986. Dream Academy used lush string arrangements and choir-like background vocals to create a sumptuous backdrop for their paisley-tinged pop. It works to best effect on "Life in a Northern Town," a slice of watercolored nostalgia with its memorable chant-like hook. Other highlights include the sax-driven "The Edge of Forever," the gentle dream recollection of "In Places on the Run," and "This World," with its somber, stark portrayal of the downtrodden. Laird-Clowes' vocals are thin, a shortcoming masked by the soft-focus of the material, and the album falters a bit during the second half; however, the best material on this record leaves you longing for more. ~ Tom Demalon, All Music Guide

1. Life in a Northern Town
2. The Edge of Forever
3. (Johnny) New Light
4. In Places on the Run
5. This World
6. Bound to Be
7. Moving On
8. The Love Parade
9. The Party
10. One Dream
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