C.C. Catch - The Best Of C.C. Catch (3CD) (2000) MP3/Flac

C.C. Catch - The Best Of C.C. Catch (3CD) (2000) C.C. Catch - The Best Of C.C.Catch
Ariola Express
74321 75896 2
3 x CD
Synth-pop, Disco
CD1-1 Backseat Of Your Cadillac 3:21
CD1-2 Dancing In Shadows 3:34
CD1-3 Good Guys Only Win In Movies 5:42
CD1-4 Don't Be A Hero 3:32
CD1-5 Are You Man Enough 3:36
CD1-6 Don't Wait To Long 3:22
CD1-7 Heartbeat City 3:47
CD1-8 Strangers By Night 3:38
CD1-9 Smokey Joe's Cafè 3:41
CD1-10 Heaven And Hell 3:41
CD1-11 Don't Shoot My Sheriff Tonight 3:05
CD1-12 'Cause You Are Young 3:30
CD1-13 Wild Fire 3:39
CD1-14 Megamix (Short Version) 4:52
Featuring - Krayzee

CD2-1 Heartbreak Hotel 3:33
CD2-2 Fire Of Love 3:04
CD2-3 Do You Love As You Look 3:30
CD2-4 House Of Mystic Lights (Long Version Dance Mix) 4:08
CD2-5 If I Feel Love 3:43
CD2-6 You Can't Run Away From It 3:12
CD2-7 Summer Kisses 3:49
CD2-8 Like A Hurricane 3:13
CD2-9 Nothing But A Heartache 3:02
CD2-10 You Can Be My Lucky Star 3:33
CD2-11 Jump In My Car (Maxi Version) 4:33
CD2-12 Night In Africa 4:11
CD2-13 Tears Won't Wash Away My Heartache 4:20
CD2-14 One Night's Not Enough 3:23

CD3-1 I Can Lose My Heart Tonight 3:50
CD3-2 Are You Serious 2:58
CD3-3 Baby I Need Your Love 3:05
CD3-4 Hollywood Nights 3:11
CD3-5 Stop - Draggin' My Heart Around 3:07
CD3-6 Soul Survivor 3:16
CD3-7 Born In The Wind 3:50
CD3-8 Stay 3:21
CD3-9 V.I.P. (They're Callin' Me Tonight) 3:28
CD3-10 Midnight Gambler 5:13
CD3-11 Little By Little 2:58
CD3-12 Picture Blue Eyes 3:30
CD3-13 You Shot A Hole In My Soul 5:16
CD3-14 Megamix (Long Version) 7:56
Featuring - Krayzee
Producer - Dieter Bohlen