Stefan Diestelmann - Folk Blues Band MP3/Flac

Stefan Diestelmann - Folk Blues Band

I was privileged earlier this year to spend some time in Eisenach, Germany; which is in the old communist part of Germany. While there one friend I made recommeded I listen to the German blues. The one chance I had to go with him to hear them was quickly stopped by my work schedule. Upon my return home, I recieved this CD. It is absolutely tremendous! Much of it is in English, some in German, however, even in the German language, what is being sang is understandable. Stefan, deserted the GDR for West Germany, and many of his songs have political statements in them. The first track is about the locomotive-blues...harmonica lovers rejoice! Track 3 is about kids. Children can play gentley, they can be loud, or a child can be raging; footstomping blues for the children. It is simply great blues. A great footstomping album from start to finish. We can see and feel in his songs the old communist Germany: we can also hear and see in his songs the new Germany. A German Muddy Waters.
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Artist: Stefan Diestelmann
Album: Folk Blues Band
Year: 1978
Label: Amiga (LP-rip)
Total time: 40:25

Stefan Diestelmann (Harmonica, Guitar and Vocals)
Memphis Slim (Piano and Vocals) - 8
Dietrich Petzold (Vocals) - 2,4,6
Rüdiger Philipp (Bass Guitar) - 2,4,6,9
Bernd Kleinow (Harmonica and Backing Vocals) - 1,2,4,5
Wolfgang Fiedler (Mellotron, Piano and Handclapping) - 2,4,6,8,9
Jürgen Kratzenberg (Bass Guitar) - 8
Detlev Kessler (Drums) - 8
Volker Schlott (Saxophon) - 8,9
Gerhard Eitner (Guitar) - 8
Bern Swoboda (Trombone) - 8
Claus-Dieter Knispel (Trumpet) - 8
Max Plugbeil (Trumpet) - 8
Signor Rotbarth (Trumpet) - 8

1. Reichsbahn-Blues (Stefan Diestelmann) 4:08
2. Ma Babe (Willie Dixon) 4:13
3. Blues für Kinder (Stefan Diestelmann) 2:37
4. Key to the Highway (Big Bill Broonzy) 3:20
5. Caledonia (Fleecle F. Moore) 4:40
6. Flamenco (Stefan Diestelmann) 9:06
7. Blues für Memphis Slim (Stefan Diestelmann) 4:40
8. Rockin' the House (Peter Chatman) 3:06
9. Stormy Monday Blues (T-Bone Walker) 4:35