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Legendary traders like Jesse Livermore, George Soros, Richard Dennis, and Steven Cohen use their full range of powers that encompass both instinct and analysis. That's how they made their fortunes-and that's how you can, too. In Trading from Your Gut, Curtis Faith, renowned trader and author of the global bestseller Way of the Turtle, reveals why human intuition is an amazingly powerful trading tool, capable of processing thousands of inputs almost instantaneously. Faith teaches you how to harness, sharpen, train, and trust your instincts and to trade smarter with your whole mind.

Just as important, you'll learn when not to trust your gut-and how to complement your intuition with systematic analysis.

You've got a left brain: analytical and rational. You've got a right brain: intuitive and holistic. Use them both to make better trades, and more money!

"Whole Mind" trading: the best of discretionary and system approaches

How winning traders use analysis and disciplined intuition together

How to profit from other traders' "Wrong Brain Thinking"

Understand other traders, without acting like them

How to provide a firm intellectual framework for your trades

What successful traders have discovered about the market's structure and laws

The unique value of intuition in swing trading

Use your intuition to trade patterns that computer technology can't recognize

About the Author

Curtis Faith is author of the bestselling book Way of the Turtle, which has sold 70,000 copies and has been translated into nine languages. In his early 20s, Faith earned more than $30 million as a member of the legendary Chicago trading group, the Turtles, a renowned group that started as a bet between founders Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt.

Drawing from his unique experience as an original Turtle and as a successful entrepreneur-having founded several software and high-tech startups-Faith has developed a "whole mind" approach that gives traders at all skill levels the tools to become master traders. Combining insights on trading psychology, managing risk, and trading methods, Faith delivers a method that is as much art as it is science and gives traders the tools to use all of the weapons at their disposal namely, instinct and analysis. His most recent book is Inside the Mind of the Turtles.

Product Details

* Hardcover: 224 pages

* Publisher: FT Press; 1 edition (December 12, 2009)

* Language: English

* ISBN-10: 0137047681

* ISBN-13: 978-0137047680