Avatar (Music From The Motion Picture) OST (2009) MP3/Flac

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Release Date.: 2009-12-10

Store DateВ…: 2009-12-15

SourceВ…В….: CD

StyleВ…В…..: Soundtrack

Record Label.: Atlantic

Size: 108 Mb

1. James Horner В– You dont dream in cryo. В…. 6:09

2. James Horner В– Jake enters his avatar world 5:24

3. James Horner В– Pure spirits of the forest 8:49

4. James Horner В– The bioluminescence of the night 3:37

5. James Horner В– Becoming one of The People 7:43

Becoming one with Neytiri

6. James Horner В– Climbing up Iknimaya В– The Path to 3:18


7. James Horner В– Jakes first flight 4:50

8. James Horner В– Scorched earth 3:32

9. James Horner В– Quaritch 5:01

10.James Horner В– The destruction of Hometree 6:47

11.James Horner В– Shutting down Graces lab 2:47

12.James Horner В– Gathering all the Navi clans for 5:14


13.James Horner В– War 11:21

14.Leona Lewis В– I See You (Theme from Avatar) 4:20