Beautiful Voices 16 MP3/Flac

Beautiful Voices 16

1. Willkommen (Intro)
2. Sleepingland - Sunrise (Original Version)
3. Blüchel & Von Deylen - Summertime (Reprise)
4. Falling (Schill Out Version) (feat. Moya Brennan)
5. Sleepy Storm (Schill Out Version) (feat. Jette Von Roth)
6. Dancing With Loneliness (Schill Out Reprise) (feat. Kim Sanders)
7. Delicately Yours (Schill Out Version) (feat. Kim Sanders)
8. ATB - Let U Go (Schiller Remix)
9. Der Prophet (Interlude) (feat. Otto Sander)
10. Freedom (Original Version)
11. Joy And Happiness (Original Version)
12. Solitude (Original Version)
13. Stille (Original Version)
14. Laos (Original Version)
15. I´ve Seen It All (Schill Out Version) (feat. Maya Saban)
16. Ruhe (Chill Out Fassung)
17. Babel (Original Version) (feat. Mila Mar)
18. Mila Mar - Sense Of Being (Schiller Chill Out Remix)
19. Summer Rain (Original Version)
20. Trance Allstars - Lost In Love (Schiller Mix)
21. Driftin And Dreaming (Original Version) (feat. Jette Von Roth)
22. Das Ende (Outro)

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