Beautiful Voices 3 MP3/Flac

Beautiful Voices 3

1. The Beginning
2. Dancing With Lonelines (Chillout Version) (feat. Kim Sanders)
3. Delicately Yours (Remix Version) (feat. Kim Sanders)
4. Dream Of You (Chillout Mix) (feat. Heppner)
5. Sinead O'Connor - Troy (Schill Out Remix)
6. I Feel You (ChillOut Version) (feat. Heppner)
7. Sleepy Storm (feat. Jette Von Roth)
8. The Smile (feat. Sarah Brightman)
9. Tired Of Being Alone (feat. Tarja Turunen)
10. Solitude (Reprise) (Interlude)
11. Distance (feat. Kim Sanders)
12. Falling (feat. Moya Brennan)
13. I've Seen It All (feat. Maya Saban)
14. I Miss You (feat. Maya Saban)
15. Morgentau (feat. Mike Oldfield)
16. Miles & Miles (feat. Moya Brennan)
17. Gregorian - Join Me (Schill Out Mix)
18. The End ( MDB's Outro Rework)

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