3000 sounds effects library special MP3/Flac

3000 sounds effects library special

CD1 — Airplanes
CD2 — Animals
CD3 — Airports, Archery, Applause, Automobiles
CD4 — Automobiles
CD5 — Baseball, Bells, Bicycles, Camers, Clocks
CD6 — Birds, Boxing, Buzzers
CD7 — Children, Computers
CD8 — Construction
CD9 — Construction, Crashes, Crowds, Doors, Drawbridges
CD10 — Crowds
CD11 — Electronics, Earthquakes, Elevators, Exercise
CD12 — Explosions, Fairs, Farms, Football, Fire, Guns
CD13 — Footsteps, Foreign Sounds, Gambling, Golf
CD14 — Helicopters, Horns, Hockey, Glass Sounds
CD15 — Household Sounds
CD16 — Human Sounds, Jungles, Laboratory, Laughter, Logging
CD17 — Indians, Industry
CD18 — Naval Boats, Ships, Motorcycles
CD19 — Military Battles, Guns, Harps
CD20 — Musical & Percussion Instruments
CD21 — Musical & Percussion Instruments
CD22 — Office, Country Sounds, Parades
CD23 — Pinball, Post Offices, Projectors, Pumps, Rodeos, Restaurants, Roller Coasters
CD24 — Service Stations, Sirens, Snowmobiles, Space Sounds
CD25 — Stores, Swimming, Subways, Telephones
CD26 — Rain, Thunder, Tennis, Taxis, Trains, Umbrellas, Vacuum Cleaners, Vendors
CD27 — Traffic, Trucks, Buses
CD28 — Water, Whistles, Wind, Zippers

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