Something different . . . Jacques Dutronc (1966) MP3/Flac

Jacques Dutronc - Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi (1966)

One of the most dynamic and convincing rock musicians in the French '60s scene, Jacques Dutronc recorded several prime garage-pop-psychedelia albums in his time. Stylistically, he may be best compared to Ray Davies of the Kinks: like Davies, Dutronc combined strong American garage-rock influences with Beatle-era "beat" melodicism, along with irreverent homages to the music hall/vaudeville era. Plus, he paired up with Francoise Hardy, the most babilicious of all the ye-ye girls. Later, Dutronc moved into film acting, with roles in many movies, including alongside Catherine Denueve.

01 Les Play Boys
02 L'espace D'une Fille
03 Sur Une Nappe De Restaurant
04 J'ai Mis Un Tigre Dans Ma Guitare
05 Les Cactus
06 Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi
07 L'operation
08 On Nous Cache Tout, On Nous Dit Rien
09 La Fille Du Pere Noel
10 Les Gens Sont Fous, Les Temps Sont Flous
11 La Compapade
12 Mini-Mini-Mini

Jacques Dutronc - Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi (1966)