San Remo Golden Strings - Anthology MP3/Flac

The San Remo Golden Strings - Anthology

The San Remo Golden Strings
occupy a unique place in the history of Detroit soul. A revolving group of local session musicians (among them members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra) assembled by the fledgling Ric-Tic label to create easy listening-style instrumental renditions of contemporary pop hits, what should have been bland, cookie-cutter records instead tapped into the universal Motown groove -- there is a genuine soulfulness and swagger to their recordings that is completely unexpected, and entirely welcome. Not only was 1965's Hungry for Love a Top 30 pop hit, but for a while, the San Remo Golden Strings even included moonlighting members of Motown's own legendary house band the Funk Brothers -- in fact, this incarnation of the ensemble backed singer Edwin Starr on his classic "Agent Double O Soul," and when Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr. discovered the ruse, he fined each guilty Funk Brother $1,000.00 for the transgression. Not surprisingly, given the music's Motown-wannabe roots, there's a pronounced Northern Soul vibe hanging over the proceedings, and some of these renditions are even more eminently danceable than the originals.

01 Hungry For Love
02 Downtown
03 Festival Time
04 A Child's Prayer
05 Lonely One.
06 Blueberry Hill
07 I'm Satisfied
08 People
09 Old Man River
10 Joy Road
11 Everybody Loves A Lover
12 Some Things You Never Get Used Too
13 I Second That Emotion.
14 I'm Leaving This Old Town.
15 Reach Out I'll Be There
16 Day By Day Or Never
17 It's Not Unusual
18 I Was Made To Love Her
19 Born Free
20 Up,up And Away
21 To Sir With Love
22 Alfie
23 My Girl
24 Home Coming
25 Quanto Sei Bella (You Are So Beautifull)
26 All Turned Up
27 Still Hungry

bonus Get Ready

The San Remo Golden Strings - Anthology